REVIEW: MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush


Perfect cream blush, how I coverted thee. Usually finding previous incarnations too pale, too bright, too thin, too gluepy, difficult to apply… Finally I found my perfect match with the fabulous Mac  Blushcreme.

Luxuriously soft and extremely creamy, this cream blush tenderly flushes the cheeks or brings them into full-blown rosy bloom. Available in 6 colours, it blends well and layers exquisitely. I’ve been using Ladyblush, a cool pink, which gives my face a fresh, dewy, slightly shiny look; whenever I wear it people comment that I look fresh and radiant. So much so, my friends and colleagues have switched from regular powder blush to this one and my Mum, who didn’t wear any blush has converted too.

It’s quite easy to apply, it’s a little thick so to avoid the drag, simply pat on with fingers then blend with a brush – this and Mac’s 187 Duo Fibre brush are a match made in heaven, but foundation and regular blusher brushes work fine too.

The product is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, and it’s very easy to adjust the depth and intensity of colour. Ladyblush is a great everyday colour – for extra shine, apply on top of a highlighter such as Mac’s strobe cream or liquid. I also love lilicet – a peachy pink and posey – a brighter rosey pink, great for darker skin tones.

If you’re pushed for time simply pat on the cheeks and go.

The colour is more vivid than it looks in the picture, the camera’s flash is too bright.

Needless to say I’m pretty upset about Mac’s recent announcement to dicontinue these blushers, here’s hoping the cosmetic giant comes back with something bigger and better…. and soon!

Available instore and online while stocks last £17.




16 thoughts on “REVIEW: MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush

  1. Hi, how do you get your skin to glow and look so good with foundation on any tips or products would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

    • Thanks for your question. We all have good and bad skin days, I took this pic on a good one. I clense and tone my skin before I apply make up and usually wear a primer under my foundation, which I find makes the base appear more even and flawless. At the minute I’m using a Witch Anti Blemish one. I vary my foundations, but that day I was wearing Mac Mineralize Skin Finish followed by Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in Medium Plus, which I find reduces shine, whilst allowing a natural glow. Hope that’s helpful.

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  3. I’ve recently been using more of the Lilicent than Ladyblush but now that I’ve seen you wear it, I’m going to give Ladyblush more love! It’s the perfect colour for you! I can’t believe blushcremes are being discontinued. They’re one of my favourite formulas. I’m defiantly going to stock up on them before they disappear.

    • I know, I’m devastated they discontinued them too. I’ve tried the cremeblend blushers. They’re creamy and less tacky but the colours are completely different. There’s a lady blush but it’s completely different to the old lady blush. I’d stock up if they still have any.

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    • Oh thank you, I know it’s terrible, still gutted! I think you can still buy them in the goodbyes section on the website and I’ll keep looking for a good alrernative.

  5. Hey you look stunning I was wondering what products you used to create this look overall as in the foundation etc. xo

    • Hey Samia, thanks for your kind words. I keep playing the field when it comes to cream blushers but still, nothing comes close to this one. Ladyblush really seems to suit everyone too – I’ve tried it on my Mum and friends and it really brightens up the face.

      As for the overall look, I vary my foundations, but that day I was wearing Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (NW25) followed by Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in Medium Plus, which I find reduces shine, whilst allowing a natural glow. Hope that’s helpful.

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  8. Hey love you’re reviews and after reading you’re review i’v just ordered ladyblush with a few other MAC supplies oops… Check out my blog and read some reviews 🙂 thanks http:/

  9. I got Revlon’s cream blush in Rosy Glow today, which is supposed to be a great dupe for this – you know, MAC is just crazy expensive 😉 Awesome review, and you are pretty. ❤

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