My Beauty Icons

Coco Chanel famously said “Fashion fades, only style remains”. Few embody this better than these iconic screen Goddesses, whose beauty and style have, and forever will stand the test of time.

Before the days of Tweezerman, mineral make up and airbrushing, Vivienne Leigh oozed beauty and sex appeal and will forever be immortalised in one of my favourite films, Gone With The Wind. As the beautifully devilish Scarlet O’Hara she taught me to embrace my big brows and cheat my way to the flushed look by pinching my cheeks.

Brigitte Bardot, the ultimate 60s sex kitten whose style encapsulates the decade, and is still emulated to this day. Those cute eye liner flicks could be the most coveted make up look in history.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


Julia Roberts, a true beauty on and off the screen. Who didn’t fall in love with her in Pretty Woman? That her, those brows, those lips! Utterly stunning in the red dress/red lipstick scenes, it’s no wonder she’s the face of Lancôme.


Angelina Jolie, so many reasons to be envious of her… she’s beautiful, talented and shares a bed with Brad Pitt, but there’s no denying that natural beauty. She rocks the minimal make up look and smoulders on the red carpet.  I recently saw her at the cinema in The Tourist, such was her mesmerising beauty, she distracted me from the fact that the movie wasn’t actually very good. I desperately wanted to pause, zoom in and revise her eye make up.

Jealous, me? HELL YEAH!


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