New York Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 11-12 Beauty Trends

As New York fashion week closes, let’s take a quick, and I mean quick, look at the beauty looks set to rock our worlds in Autumn/Winter 11-12. I know it’s the way the fashion and beauty biz works, but I kinda resent having to think about winter before spring has even sprung. Still it can’t help to be in the know.

Eye shadow… EVERYWHERE

Under, over and all the way to the brow. Eeek, I’m not sure about this one?!? Reminds me of the eye shadows of yesteryear, it’s the look little girls create when first let loose in their mothers make up bag. More is more, according to Vera Wang,  Philip Lim and Diane von Furstenberg (pictured). So when you get to the crease, just keep going!

Brown Lips

Another I’m not sure about, especially teamed with big, dark eyeshadow. When I was at school, the only lipsticks we had were brown/plumy ones (Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer anyone?) it didn’t look good then and I’m not convinced it will now, but who am I to disagree with Oscar de la Renta! Still brown lips, got to be more wearable than orange ones?

 Crimson pout

Red lips, going nowhere fast, so don’t be afraid to invest in a good un, it’ll see you through to next year at least.

London, over to you.


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