Milan Fashion Week Top Beauty Trends

Honestly I don’t know how the fashionistas keep up with fashion week. Each city’s show’s are so special, oppulent, dramatic, exciting and enticing, why oh why do they have a cram them into a few weeks. As the merry-go round moves on to Paris, here’s a quick round up of the top trends showcased in Milan. Amidst the Galliano scandal, the show fared pretty well, at least in the beauty stakes.

Statement Eye liner

Now there’s a trend I can channel. At D&G lines were thick and jet black, teamed nicely with flawless skin and pale lips, ok I’m reaching for the gel liner right now.

Burgundy Lips

Bright lips were a major makeup trend for spring/summer and you will be pleased to know they are still around for winter, but, rather than hot coral and flaming red, for autumn they take a deeper, more sensual tone.

At Gucci they were Dark and Glossy.

Red wine coloured at Missoni but be careful, it’s a tricky lip to muster without looking old or transvestite-y.

Spider lashes

A look usually seen on young girls that have just discovered mascara. I love, I mean LOVE Mascara and this look works well on Gucci’s sleek catwalk show, but in the real world has the danger of looking tacky and over done.

Eye shadow overload

We saw this look at New York, damn, looks like it’s gonna to stick. Eye shadow stretched from beneath the eye all the way to the eye brows, eek! I can’t see myself going that extreme anytime soon.

Paris, show us what you got?…


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