Lust have: No7 & Poppy King Lipstick and Lipgloss range

Have you seen No7‘s new Lip collaberation with Poppy King? Saw it today and was really impressed by the colour range.

 The legendary Poppy King has identified seven reasons why women love wearing lip colour and designed a shade of lipstick and gloss to match each one.  With shades like Glamour, Confidence and Seduction it’s hard to resist.

Poppy says “have noticed over the past decade that many women are in the habit of wearing the same lip colours because they are frightened of colour. The concept of my collaboration with No7 is to invite women back to the joys of lip colour and encourage them to introduce some wearable new shades into their lives. I am determined to make the glamour of past eras accessible and wearable to the modern woman”. So if you’re in a lipstick rut, give your regulars a break and try something new.

Lipsticks £12, Glosses £11


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