Review: Mac Cremeblend Something Special?

I blogged about the sad departure of my beloved Mac Bluchcremes, which were swiftly replaced by the similarly named Cremeblend blushes. When the Cremeblends launched I rushed out to buy them, but it wasn’t love at first sight. Now that I’m finally getting around to road testing them for real, here’s what I think.

Blushcremes Vs Cremeblends

Other than the name the two are nothing alike. There are two very significant differences – the colours and the textures. In general the shade range is quite neutral. The colours enhance the natural tones of skin rather than adding significant color.

Available in 6 shades

  • Brit Wit Dusty rosy mauve
  • Ladyblush Warm neutral coral
  • Posey Warm peach
  • So Sweet, So Easy Bright yellow pink
  • Something Special Light coral
  • Tea Petal Mid-tone reddish brown


The formula is also very different, less wet and tacky than Blushcremes, they’re very creamy and quite light weight. Blushcremes were thick and slightly sticky, but once applied very impactive, shiny and long lasting. Cremeblends are less thick; they’re more lightweight, creamy and powdery than their predecessor. Easy to apply with fingers or brush, I use a mac duo fibre 187, and easy to blend. The results are less impactive.

Something Special?

My favourite shade is Something Special, a light coral/peach colour.

Great for the summer and excellent teamed with a peach lip. It’s lightly pigmented but bailable. The finish is soft and natural, there’s a slight sheen, but it’s not glossy or shiny.

Here’s how it looks on the face…


It adds a nice flush of colour – summery and bronzed. TOP TIP – if you want more of a sheen apply a base of Mac cream colour base first (I use Hush) or a sweep of liquid highlighter like strobe cream. I wouldn’t say it’s cream to powder, but once applied to the face, you don’t feel like you’re wearing a cream.


A nice product that I will wear, but not as long lasting or dewy looking as many cream blushers. It’s pretty and natural looking, but doesn’t have the WOW factor.

Available in store and online now £17.

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