To Lob or Bob? That is the question

Everyone’s at it… Palermo, Knightly and now Aniston. Everyone’s getting the chop, question is should we lob it or bob it?

The best Lobs (Long bobs)

And the choppy Bobs

For years I’ve had very long hair, until recently I made the tough decision (and I mean tough, tears were involved) to chop it off. I loooved my long hair, however with numero benefits to having shorter hair, I might be a convert. Now, as it rapidly grows out, I can’t decide, should I keep the lob, go shorter with a funky bob, or bear with the dreaded grow back and bring back the locks?!?

The (practically grown out already) Lob in question

Decisions, decisions.


4 thoughts on “To Lob or Bob? That is the question

  1. I always get tempted to chop off my hair when summer comes around. You see girls walking around with a cute bob and they just look so fresh and cute. But i’m too scared to chop my hair off. I think in the end, it’s worth having long hair.

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