You need to know about… GlossyBox

Listen up ladies, this is something you need to know about. The beauty community is abuzz with talk of a new concept called GlossyBox.  Glossybox is a savvy subscription service. For £10 a month, subscribers receive a beautifully presented gift box containing 5 luxury beauty samples, some of which will be full size. The idea is, you get to try them before you buy them!

Here’s how it works…

Subscribe online for £10 per month. Then, every month your GlossyBox will arrive containing carefully selected, indulgent, and on trend beauty products. Delivery is free* and you can cancel your subscription any time.

This months’ box includes 5 products including a full size Nars Orgasm Illuminator worth £21.50 and an All for Eve Lipstick, worth £10.50. Pretty good deal I’d say. What’s more, when you register you can complete a survey about your hair, eyes, skintone ete that will enable them to customise future products. It’s like getting a surprise birthday gift… EVERY MONTH!

I am seriously impressed with the first round of products, but if the quality dips, you can cancel your subscription – WIN WIN!

I’ve ordered mine and will be stalking the postman until it arrives – I’ll give you all my verdict when it does.

*Glossybox realised very quickly that this was not viable and from September 2011 will charge its subscribers £2.95 pp on top of the £10 monthly subscription. Not such a shrewd move, people love free delivery.


5 thoughts on “You need to know about… GlossyBox

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