Something for the Weekend… Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel

Something for this weekend, and the one after if the claims are to be believed! First they brought us 1 second nail polish, now a polish that lasts for 10 whole days!

Come on, there’s got to be a catch? Well, yes – lasts for 10 days with touch ups. Still, a much better effort than the usual 2-3 days.

Apparently the chip resistant and strengthening pro-silicium formula acts as a protective barrier to prevent nails from chipping for 7 days. It makes nails twice as strong, more resistant and protects them from breaking.

Keep chips at bay with the precise angled touch-up brush, which has been specially designed to retouch the tips for an extra 3 days of fabulousness. Wide and angled, it perfectly adapts to the nail shape and is fast and easy to apply.

Currently available in 7 shades bright and bold shades – I heart Violet , an Electric Fushia

Retails at £5.99 DEAL ALERT: Get two Bourjois polishes for £8 at Boots.

2 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend… Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel

  1. OOH will have to try this! im so hard on my poor little nails i doubt it would last 10 whole days on me! might try a mad top gear trial on it!! great post

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