July’s GlossyBox has arrived…..

And I’m initially disappointed!

The concept I love (read more about GlossyBox)

The excitement and anticipation I love

The packaging I love



But the products…



Not so much?!?!

Ciate Nail Enamel (13.5ml RRP £9)

Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether (15g RRP £22)

Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum (5ml sample)

Ultra Sun Face SPF (15ml sample)

Weleda Pmegranate Body Oil (100ml RRP £19.50)

I’m not going to let my initial disappointment cloud my judgement. A full review of the products and service will follow, let’s just say my expectations haven’t been fulfilled.

I would have been really happy with the Ciate nail enamel – but Shrek green aint my style

I realise at face value this looks like a lot of products for £10 – but it’s only worth it if they’re products you’ll actually use.

Whatsmore – such is the power of the beauty blog, a quick search and you can find out what other people received in their box = GlossyBox envy. Variations on the products this month includes Xen-Tan self tanning product, False Eyelashes and Illamasqua Lipgloss – all of which I would have been very happy with, oh and Ciate Nail colours that are much more wearable than SHREK GREEN!

Perhaps we can start a GlossyBox swap service?

13 thoughts on “July’s GlossyBox has arrived…..

  1. Hmmm… i Actually have shrek green from OPI!! (FACT) lol. Not a great colour admittedly but maybe with some crackle effect or use it for nail patterns? Concept seems great BTW i just got ordered mine now!! not getting it till august tho… BOO!

    • I know, I ordered mine in May and had to wait until July – I think the wait adds to the disappointment. I blame glossybox envy – if I hadn’t seen what others had, I might not have been as disappointed. Thanks for the tips on the green nail polish, I’ll see what I can create 🙂

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  3. I was pretty happy with the box for the most part, it was my first box. But like you, my nail varnish colour was not the best, bright orange. Reminds me of Halloween 😛

    • My initial reaction was that of disappointment because I already knew what others had received – really wanted the lashes and the Xen-Tan. I’ve had a little “play” with the products and some I do like. I’m gonna keep subscirbing for a little whilte longer – give it a chance.

      Orange is a bit better than shrek green? Not long till Halloween 🙂

  4. Oh i got exactly the same as you (thats the first i’ve seen! everyone else had different stuff).

    I know the green looks a very shrek-esque but think of how useful it would be for doing nail art like green grass or the green leaf of a strawberry 🙂

    • Wow, my glossybox twin! I was begining to think no one got the same as me. Everyone seemed to get teh Xen-Tan and false lashes. I do feel short changed with the 5ml perfum sample, still I’m enjoying the body oil.

      Actually I saw a picture of someone wearing the green nail polish and it looked ok??

  5. Hi jus come across your blog! I have the ciate nail polish in kitten heels- the gorgeous red and the xen tan and illamasqua lipgloss in a sheer pink- all of which i would swap for the illamasqua metal powder! I wont b using th other products!!

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