REVIEW: Benefit Posietint

Judging by the depleted shelves at newsagents and supermarkets I’m guessing everyone and their dog got their mits on July’s much coveted edition of Glamour Magazine with its Benefit freebies. Here are my thoughts on Posietint…

First of, it’s small. Be warned, I knew it was a 4ml edition, but was still surprised by how small it is. A little does go a long way and this size it really handy for handbags and holidays. Here it is compared to a 35 ml perfume bottle…

Cheek stains don’t really feature in my make up collection. I love cream blushers and liquid highlighters, but I find cheek stains a little odd – they’re not a cream, not a powder and normally very sheer. I tried Benetint years ago, but found the consistency very running and wasn’t wowed by the rosie shade.

Posietint is a much lighter shade than its older sister Benetint. Straight from the jar it looks like a bright bubble-gum pink, but don’t be scared off, once applied it’s a suibtle petal pink.

The fluid has a thicker texture than Benetint, almost gel-like, and spreads easily over cheeks, simply dab on a few spots or small lines on on the cheeks, blend in quickly. It leaves a lovely glow on the cheeks, but it’s not dewy like a cream blush. For a more intense colour, allow to dry and apply another layer. It also works well with Benefit’s high beam, which can be dabbed on the cheek bones to further highlight the cheeks.

It’s advertised as a lip and cheek stain, but I’m not entertaining it on the lips – it’s too thin and runny. So, am I sold on cheek stains, not really, but this one deserves it’s place in my collection and is a welcome break from my usual routine and gives me a pretty, pink glow.

REVIEW: Topshop Cream Blush in Hush

I’m seriously loving Topshop make up right now. Topshop has long been one of our favourite haunts, but it’s taken me a little while to take their new make up range seriously, that is until I tried their Cream Blush.

First of all, the packaging is super cute, a small polka dot compact with a mirror, but the product packs a punch too. It’s a cream to powder blusher, meaning it applies like a cream blush, but sets like a powder. But when I say “sets” it’s not cakey, or matte, it leaves a nice sheen on the cheeks, but doesn’t feel wet or sticky. I find it works best to use your fingers to dab on the cheeks, then blend with a normal blusher brush, like MAC’s 116.

It blends sooo smoothly and creates a radiant, natural glow. Hush I’d describe as a coral, pink. It looks super bright in the compact, but quite natural on the face, it can of course be layered for maximum impact. It’s pretty longlasting too, I took the compact out with me on a recent night out but didn’t need to reapply – be warned your friends might want to stick their fingers in it like mine.

Currently available in 6 shades. A snip at £6, here’s hoping they expand the colour range.

RIP MAC Blushcreme – Discountinued in the UK

The rumours are true, MAC Blushcremes are no more!

After discontinuing them in the USA last month, I hoped and prayed they wouldn’t follow suit in the UK market, but MAC’s Blushcremes are sadly being laid to rest. Fear not, there’s just enough time to stockpile before we lose this wonder product forever. They’re still available in store and online, but hurry as they’re “Going, Going, Gone”.

Since discovering these cream blushes just ten months ago (it’s not long enough, I need more time), they’ve become an integral part of my make up routine! Just when I’m finally happy with my face, those bad boys at MAC go and pull the rug from underneath my feet!

Watch this space – A full review to follow… before it’s too late.