Olivia Palermo Launches Her Style Blog

Get ready to hyperventilate … My ultimate style and beauty crush, Olivia Palermo has launched her much anticipated style blog this week.

Great news if you’re OP obsessed, like me! Now you can find out EXACTLY how to steal her style – thanks to her brand new blog where she explains her outfits in detail and reveals where she shops! And it’s not all out-of-your-league designer stuff either. OP is a big fan of the high street, particularly the British one!

Check out the blog here and if that’s not enough to feed your obsession, sign up to her new newsletter.


Beauty Crush – Olivia Palermo

Long since been one of my style crushes, she’s fast becoming a beauty crush too. It’s easy to get distracted by her enviable style, glossy hair and super long pins, but Ms Palermo’s got it going on in the make up stakes too!

Pictured here at the Green Auction in New York yesterday with lightly smoked eyes, rose coral lips and cheeks.

What’s more she rocks long hair, short hair, blonde or brunette, I don’t know whether to LOVE her or HATE her!

Brown eyes, mega lashes and pretty pink lips

Perfecting the Minimal Look

And the Bronzed Goddess

Jealous me? Hell yeah!

THIS BLOG HAS NOW MOVED, KEEP READING AT http://beautyandlechicblog.blogspot.com/


To Lob or Bob? That is the question

Everyone’s at it… Palermo, Knightly and now Aniston. Everyone’s getting the chop, question is should we lob it or bob it?

The best Lobs (Long bobs)

And the choppy Bobs

For years I’ve had very long hair, until recently I made the tough decision (and I mean tough, tears were involved) to chop it off. I loooved my long hair, however with numero benefits to having shorter hair, I might be a convert. Now, as it rapidly grows out, I can’t decide, should I keep the lob, go shorter with a funky bob, or bear with the dreaded grow back and bring back the locks?!?

The (practically grown out already) Lob in question

Decisions, decisions.