Lust Have: Frontcover Customised Eyeshadow Palette

I love make up palettes; It’s great to have so much choice in one place. But there’s nothing more frustrating than a palette that contains colours you’d never wear in a million years. Look at your palettes, are there shades that are worn down to a millimetre of their lives, and others that you’ve never touched? Well, problem solved thanks to frontcover’s customisable and affordable eye shadow palettes.

Simply buy an empty palette for £5, then fill it with the colours YOU want. I’m a big fan of Frontcover’s baked eyeshadows, I bought a jumbo palette at Christmas – they high quality, smooth and long lasting. There’s a rainbow of colours available for just £4 each, or buy four shades with an empty palette for just £15. Why not create a Spring Palette or a smokey eye one!

The only difficult part is choosing the colours, you’ll want them all!

Palette and refils available at Boots now.

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