About cakedinmakeup

I'm a self confessed make up addict. I love applying it, wearing it and buying it! Plus I'm forever searching for new products and trends. Over the years I've built up my fair share of ideas and techniques, not to metion PRODUCTS and the time has come to share them. I'm no expert, but if like me you love to discover new products and experiment with different looks then you'll enjoy caked. "Caked in make up" is an ironic title. I'm no fan of the "trowelled" look. My philosophy is about creating a flawless, natural canvass then adding the colours and creating styles that suit you, and the occasion. So join me on my journey to share tips, create new looks and hunt down all the best products and deals.

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Best of Beauty 2011

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Glitter and Ice… It’s MAC’s Christmas Collection

Want to know what’s in MAC’s holiday collection 2011? See the pictures and full collection here

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