Beauty Waitlist… Batiste goes XXL

Now this is something worth getting excited about. Dry shampoo supremo Batiste are to launch super-sized cans AND a new Volumising product.

The cult beauty product established over 30 years ago, has encountered something of a renaissance in recent years.  Fast expanding their line from the one and only original dry shampoo in the green bottle to a huge collection of rainbow coloured cans, with different scents, themes, hair colours and effects.

Batiste’s new XXL Volume Dry Shampoo is the latest addition to the Batiste family.  It blends the legendary benefits of Batiste Dry Shampoo with ultimate volumising power. And for everyone that flies through their bottles in no time, they’re launching new supersized can.

NEW XXL VOLUME, 200ml and 400ml cans due to hit stores in June!

Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Make-Up

Or should that be Kate Windsor?

Well the wedding’s almost over (sobs) but worry not, we still have the dress, the hair and the make up to obsess about.

Staying true to her “commoner” roots, Kate decided to do her own make up on the day. It was a brave and commendable decision, but with 2 billion eyes watching me and a queue of celebrity make up artists clambering for the job, I’m not sure I would have turned down a helping hand. So how did she do?

Now before I upset anyone, I’ll start by saying the girl’s gorgeous and would have looked amazing in a bin bag. The dress was stunning and the hair, in my opinion, was just right – classy, feminine and understated, and that Cartier tiara was to die for BUT I was a tad disappointed by the make up.

Well actually, just the eyes. For bridal make up, I thought they were a touch too dark. Many make up artists won’t use eyeliner on brides, or bridemaids for that matter. It can shrink the eyes, especially when applied to the bottom lash line, and look severe. Fortunately the rest of the look, like Kate, was pretty and feminine. She has apparently been taking make up lessons from Arabella Preston before the wedding.

Here’s how to get the look.


Natural and simple, I applaud Kate not for overdoing the tan, like sister and maid of honour Pippa. Create a flawless base with a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser, I’d suggest a mineral based foundation for a natural glow. Set with a subtle dusting of powder. For the cheeks, choose a rosy pink powder blush to create a flushed look, blending from the apple of the cheek up to the hairline. Kate was spotted stocking up on Bobbi Brown products the week before the wedding.


Kate opted for a  smokey eye, slightly heavy on the liner. Start with a neutral base colour all over the lids, then sweep a smokey brown along, and below the socket line. Line the upper and lower lash line with a black kohl pencil (for a less dramatic look try brown or grey) and finish with a natural and glossy mascara. Rumour has it Kate used Lancome’s Hypnose, which I LOVE and it great for creating Volume, and for me, is more of an evening mascara.


The eyebrows look darkened. To create the look, first comb them in to place with an eyebrow brush, then fill in any gaps with a dark brown pencil or brown powder. Something like Benefit’s Brow zings would work a treat.


Lips were kept simple, allowing her natural smile to shine through. Complete the look with a nude/pinky gloss.


Apparently manicurist Marina Sandova, from the Jo Hansford salon, popped into Clarence House yesterday to give her a classic nude manicure using Bourjois Rose Lounge, £5.99, topped with a subtle shimmer in Essie’s Allure, £9.95.

Overall, a job well done. Now I just can’t wait to see the evening outfit,and make up of course.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kate’s look.

To Lob or Bob? That is the question

Everyone’s at it… Palermo, Knightly and now Aniston. Everyone’s getting the chop, question is should we lob it or bob it?

The best Lobs (Long bobs)

And the choppy Bobs

For years I’ve had very long hair, until recently I made the tough decision (and I mean tough, tears were involved) to chop it off. I loooved my long hair, however with numero benefits to having shorter hair, I might be a convert. Now, as it rapidly grows out, I can’t decide, should I keep the lob, go shorter with a funky bob, or bear with the dreaded grow back and bring back the locks?!?

The (practically grown out already) Lob in question

Decisions, decisions.

London Fashion Week A/W 11 Beauty Trends

As the curtains close on London Fashion week, let’s reflect. What are the key looks we’ll be copying come Autumn? Well, in short, it was all about Pouts, Plats and Pony tails.

Pony tails at Burberry Prorsum

Messy ponytails,alas a look we can all achieve. I hope they didn’t spend long creating this, my hair already looks like this when I wake up.

Although much more polished at Christopher Kane.

Red Lips at Henry Holland

And at Temperly London

Getting a bit repetitive, but those fashionistas can’t give up the crimson.

Plats at Halston

Fishtails at Erdem

Get the London look… Red lips and messy hair, simples.