Magazine Freebie Time

There’s been a drought since the summer but it’s magazine freebie time again! With winter imminent we all need a good hand cream, or two.

Pick up November’s copy of Instyle Magazine £3.70 with Rosamund Pike on the cover and bag FREE Cowshed  Hand Cream worth £8. There’s two to choose from – Cow Pat Moisturising and Cow Slip Soothing. I opted for the Cow Pat with essential oils of grapefruit and coriander – that’s right, the curry herb! But don’t be put off it smells gorgeous and feels divine.

Grab November’s Marie Claire Magazine £3.60 with Reese Witherspoon on the cover and receive a free L’Occitane Hand Cream 30ml worth £7.50. There’s four to collect, the original Shea Butter hand cream and three limited edition designs. They’re thick, rich, creamy and super moisturising.

LOOK Beauty Collection

Another new kid on the block! LOOK Magazine announced last week that they are launching their first beauty range. I think this is a brilliant idea and I’m surprised someone hasn’t beaten them to it. I picked up a few samples at the show last month and wanted to share my pics, and thoughts.

It’s a pretty comprehensive range with everything you’d expect – foundations, primers, blushers and more. For me the stand out product is the Double Hit Lip – lipstick at one end and gloss at the other. The shade I received is an orangey coral, which looks quite scary but is actually quite sheer.

The texture of the lipstick is nice, more like a balm and the lipgloss smells divine. These were used to achieve the very on trend bold pouts at the recent LOOK catwalk show (see the pics here). I’d be keen to try the red for a buildable crimson pout, with optional gloss finish.

As for the Statement Eyes shadows £4 each, again, not the best shades for me, but the textures are nice. Quite silky and satin-like.


I’d like to try their metallic shades – Lame and Luxe were used on the models in the show.

Other stand out products include the Ooomph Lashes mascara £7 and Holiday Glow highlighting Powder £8.

Available exclusively in Superdrug stores later this month. A donation from every product sold goes to cancer support charity Look Good… Feel Better.

Beauty Crush – Olivia Palermo

Long since been one of my style crushes, she’s fast becoming a beauty crush too. It’s easy to get distracted by her enviable style, glossy hair and super long pins, but Ms Palermo’s got it going on in the make up stakes too!

Pictured here at the Green Auction in New York yesterday with lightly smoked eyes, rose coral lips and cheeks.

What’s more she rocks long hair, short hair, blonde or brunette, I don’t know whether to LOVE her or HATE her!

Brown eyes, mega lashes and pretty pink lips

Perfecting the Minimal Look

And the Bronzed Goddess

Jealous me? Hell yeah!



Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick for Rimmel London


This lipstick is good! In fact it’s very good! I could happily have taken away the full range. I was tempted with the nude shade for opted for the bright and bold, but disappointedly name 002 – a hot pink, cos let’s face it bold lips are here to stay.

The shade itself is I’d describe as a true fushia pink. For a budget brand, its formula is very impressive and the breakthrough black diamond complex means it reflects like never before. It’s rich, opaque and very highly pigmented – meaning a little goes a long way. I tested it straight from the bullet at first and ended up with it all the place – use a lip brush for more accurate application.

It had serious staying power too, easily withstanding a few drinks. It has a light fruity smell which is an added bonus, my only complaint, the bullet looks shorter than regular lipsticks – have Rimmel scrimped on the gramage?

The closest dupe in my collection is a MUA lipstick – not so much in the bullet but certainly on the skin.

Rimmel Left, MUA right

I thought it would be similar to MAC’s Girl About Town but it’s not as BRIGHT and has less of a blue undertone.

Anyway Mossy’s lippies get a thumbs up from me. Check out the rest of the shades here.


The LOOK Show 2011

I had a great time yesterday at The LOOK Magazine fashion show, once I fought my way through the crowds at Westfield Stratford City – seriously I’ve never seen so many people in one place!

We were greeted with champagne and a fabulous goodie bag (more on that later) I met some fellow bloggers and industry insiders, which was fab The show itself was a great display of the wonderful British highstreet, as for the beauty it was all polished skin, chizzelled cheeks, bright and bold lips and backcombed hair – 4 of my favourite trends. Sarah Harding modelled, Dionne Bromfield performed and Alicia Dixon, Kelis and Kimberly Wyatt watched on from the front row.

Now for the pics…

Sarah Harding opened the show

Dionne Bromfield rocked the show and looked great – can you believe she’s just 16!

Top Make up looks from the show

Bold lips

Sculpted Cheeks

Best pout ever?

Top Fashion Pics

Pussybows, Leopard print, Floppy hats and more!

One to watch

Some exciting news, Look are launching their own make up range. I picked up some samples in the goodie bag so watch this space for a review.

LUST HAVE: Chanel’s Le Vernis Colour Illusions

It’s a while since I’ve done a lust have, but Chanel’s new Colour Illusions nail polish range is certainly lust worthy. There’s lots of buzz about these limited edition nail polishes and I can see why. These gorgeously shimmering and iridescent polished form part of Chanel’s Autumn 2011 line and are right on trend. AW 2011’s nails have a space age feel – shades of pewter, bronze, silver… basically anything earthy and metallic.

Available in three multi faceted and striking shades

QUARTZ  silvery taupe

GRAPHITE metallic gun metal grey

PERIDOT antiquue golden green

Unfortunately, at £17.50 they might have to remain a lust have, but watch out for copy cats popping up all over the high street.

Bring back the brows!

Eyebrows are back and they’re bigger and better than before, at least that’s the plan. I love eyebrows, it’s all about the eyebrows – the bigger the better I say, but after falling foul to over plucking in my teenage years, I haven’t had the eyebrows I wanted, until now.

If I could go back in time I’d gleefully slap my young self for reducing my once full brows to a mere pencil thin arch above my eye. I wish I’d listened to my Mum when she told me that big brows were beautiful “they’re like Brooke Shields’ and Cindy Crawford’s” she’d say, to which I’d reply “that is so 90s”! Eek, what a brat! Oh to have to wisdom of hindsight. Well I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, and although I’ve slowly increased their thickness over the last few years, it’s only recently that I’ve been brave enough to push through the pain barrier to restore them to their former glory.

My Brows in Pictures

This is them many years ago, I’d like to say this was as thin as they got…. fortunately my digital photos don’t go back that far. All I can say, What was I thinking!

And during the growing out stage… spot the gaps

A few weeks ago using pencil to fill in the gaps (and full lashes)…..

And now, in all their natural glory…

I must warn you, it’s a long painstaking process. I started back in February – I was under house arrest with the flu. Surprised by how much they grew in one week, I was inspired to keep going. My plan was simple, just don’t pluck, whenever and wherever  they grow, I’ll let them do their thing and eventually I’ll have a new bushy canvas. I wanted to find my natural shape, then groom them to frame and suit my face.

Eyebrow regrowth is unpredictable and uneven. Hairs seem to sprout up all over the place, except where you want them. To start with, I grew a new set of eyebrows, a few millimeters below my current set and it took ages for them to meet in the middle! But once they finally did it was so worth it. Ok, I know it’s August and I’ve suffered nearly 6 months of sparsely populated eye brow hairs, but I’ve finally got a thicker, fuller arch and I’ so much happier with them. I’m still not quite there, there’s some stubborn patches refusing to grow, but with a little pencil infilling, I’ll get there.

Top tips for growing back the brows!

  1. The first two weeks are the worst – depending how much damage you’ve done with the tweezers, you can end up looking like you have two sets of brows, one on top of the other, so start when you’re off work/school and can push past that initial pain barrier in private… unless you want to scare people of course.
  2. Pick a shape and resist temptation to pluck! They will grow back sparsely to begin with, after years of tweezing, it takes them a while to realise they’re allowed to grow back, and once they do they spring up all over. Decide on the size/shape you’d like to achieve – Look back over old pictures, do some research or look in the mirror and sketch the shape you want – only pluck the hairs that grow outside of that area.
  3. Apply Vaseline or 8 hour cream at night and massage the brows outwards, I find this helps them maintain their shape.
  4. Fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil or powder. I use Givenchy Eyebrow Show pencil to fill the gaps and tease the shape. I always choose ones with a brush on the end, really handy for grooming.
  5. Be patient and realistic. How long it takes varies from person to person and is dependant on many factors such as age and how over-plucked they were to start with. And be realistic, inevitably there’ll be some stubborn hairs that may never grow back, but with proper grooming and make up, no one will ever know.

After six months of growing them out they’re thicker and fuller and better than before. It’s amazing the impact brows have on the whole face and fuller brows suit mine much more than pencil thin arches. Now, I guess they need a bit of grooming, but heavy handed plucking is a definately a thing of the past – I couldn’t go through the pain barrier again!